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HorseIQ is the most interactive equine learning platform in the industry. It features courses designed to teach exhibitors, professionals, judges, and competitive horse judgers what carded judges are looking for in a wide variety of disciplines. HorseIQ also boasts hours of horse show and horse management footage in the resource library to help solidify what's learned in the courses. Courses and library content are updated monthly so there is never a lack of fresh material!


Great for Horse Judging Practice!

Ashley Griffin, Owenton, KY

"In reviewing just the Halter, Horsemanship and a little Ranch Riding it was enough to get the ideals in my daughter's mind as she placed 7th in halter, 9th in performance and 5th overall as a 9 year old in 9-13 division. I should have recorded our study session with it because her questions and our dialogue was great all prompted by the lessons."

Steller Resource for Professional Carded Judges!

Anonymous Review

"In preparing for upcoming judging tests, re-certification and judging breed level shows, this is a fantastic resource to evaluate the industry standard for all disciplines."