Full Site Subscription

Gain access to all learning modules and resource library content with either the yearly or monthly subscription (billed automatically). APHA members receive a 30% discount - email admin@horseiq.com for coupon code to use at checkout.

Horse Judging Team Package

Created with 4-H County Agents, FFA Instructors, and Judging Coaches in mind, this option gives 1 year of full access to horseIQ's materials, as well as 25 students seats. This is not a subscription and must be renewed yearly. Leaders can also track their students' progress as they work through the content upon request! Does not qualify for APHA 30% member discount.

APHA Show Management Certification Package

The APHA Show Management Certification is mandatory for APHA Show Secretaries starting in 2023 and is recommended for Show Managers and Sponsors! Certification lasts for 1 year. You will also receive access to all of HorseIQ's content for 1 year! Does not qualify for APHA 30% member discount.