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Course curriculum

    1. Safety Intro

    2. Reading Horse Behavior- with CHA

    3. Working Around the Horse- with CHA

    4. Keeping Dogs Safe around Horses and Livestock- with Valley Vet

    5. Safety Quiz

    1. Handling Intro

    2. Catching a Horse in a Stall- with CHA

    3. Catching a Horse in a Paddock- with CHA

    4. Leading a Horse- with CHA

    5. Releasing a Horse in a Stall- with CHA

    6. Releasing a Horse in a Paddock- with CHA

    7. Holding a Horse for the Vet or Farrier- with CHA

    8. Handling Quiz

    1. Tying Intro

    2. Hard-Tying- with CHA

    3. Cross-Tying- with CHA

    4. Tying Quiz

    1. Trailering Intro

    2. Truck & Trailer Safety Check- with CHA

    3. Loading a Horse in a Trailer- with CHA

    4. Overcoming a Horse Trailer Accident: Cowgirl Shares Hope- with Valley Vet

    5. Trailering Quiz

    1. Performing a Tack Safety Check- with CHA

    2. Mounting & Dismounting- with CHA

    3. Correct Riding Position- with CHA

    4. Exercises to Improve Rider Position- with CHA

    5. Types of Rein Holds- with CHA

    6. Full, Two-Point, & Half Seat Explained- with CHA

    7. Adjusting English Stirrups & Girth while Mounted- with CHA

    8. Emergency Stop Using the Pully Rein- with CHA

    9. Emergency Dismount- with CHA

    10. Longing Safety- with CHA

    11. Long Lining (Double Longing) a Horse- with CHA

    12. Ponying a Horse Safely- with CHA

    13. Arena Etiquette- with CHA

    14. Riding Safety Quiz

About this course

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