Contest Instructions & Rules

  • In the next section, each team member will be asked to type in their team name so that teams can be compiled.
  • Each contestant must complete the exam by themselves and with no help.
  • Questions will be randomized and will vary for each team member.
  • At the end of each section, contestants will be asked if they would like to continue or retake the section. CONTESTANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RETAKE A SECTION, IF A SECTION IS RETAKEN THE FIRST SCORE WILL BE USED.
  • Each team member will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Each minute a team member goes over the allotted time will equal one (1) point subtracted from their score.
  • Rules and results are final. All participants accept the rules and scoring system upon entry and involvement.
  • Each team member's exam is worth 100 points. Teams are required to complete at least three Hippology Exams (1 for each team member) and teams with four members will have their lowest score dropped. That will make the highest possible score 300 points.
  • If a tiebreaker is needed, the team with the overall shortest time to complete their exams will be the winner.